2018 Future of HR Technology Report

2018 Future of HR Technology Report

The Middle Market's Continued Rise 

For the second annual #HRWINS report on HR technology and the middle market we recently surveyed 1157 U.S. based employers with less than 5,000 employees. We asked them about the usability of their HR technology and it’s data, as well as their plans for HR tech in the immediate future. What we learned in the process validates several of our views on both the middle market segment and HR technology.

More than ever, employers have little interest in entertaining the “platform vs. point solution” debate that tech vendors like to engage in. Employers want their platforms AND their point solutions. They expect their data to be portable and seamless, offering them better insights to their workforce. The middle market is buying and replacing more HR technology than ever.

The world of work is changing rapidly. As employers of all sizes experience rapid digital transformation in their businesses today, the technology used internally to power the workforce and enable Human Resources is changing just as fast.

Employee Experience and HR tech user experience are dependent on each other. User experience and its relationship to data is now an increasingly driving force behind employers switching their HR technology. And, they’re switching in bigger numbers than before.

Middle market employers are not following the trends. They are creating them, and rightfully so. The middle market is by far the largest segment of employers, and they are innovating not just to compete globally to win and retain customers, but to hire, engage, and retain their workforce.

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