8 Tips to Nail Your Next HR Presentation

8 Tips to Nail Your Next HR Presentation 

How to give a killer presentation that showcases your people data and drives business results.


The best HR leaders are storytellers. Whether you’re focused on bringing in or retaining talent, you need to be able to tell a compelling, powerful message to your audience.

The good news? It’s never been easier to give a metrics-driven HR presentation and earn that elusive executive “yes.” New technologies and new ways of thinking about a century-old profession have made it possible to quantify and measure things once thought immeasurable, including quality of hire and employee engagement.

To give a great HR presentation today, it takes a little artistry and a whole lot of data savvy. From choosing which data to present to crafting a compelling narrative that inspires action, here are some tips to help you give an HR data presentation deserving of a standing ovation.

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