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The Employee Benefits Paradox of 2017

Building a Robust Benefits Package Without Breaking the Bank

When Sarah Boutwell was job hunting, there was something that she considered just as important as her potential employer’s salary and work culture: Employee benefits.

“That was a big factor for me,” says Boutwell, a 29-year-old inbound marketer for Austin-based digital marketing firm, Geek Powered Studios. “Even if the pay was good, I still wanted to know how the benefits affected my personal bottom line.”

For Boutwell, benefits packages reveal in a tangible way how much a company values its employees. It’s part of why she took the job with Geek Powered Studios.

“Knowing that the company cares about my wellbeing is a morale boost for me,” she says. “We’re not just seats to fill; they care about us as people.”

With a national unemployment rate currently below 5%,1 the employment landscape has never been more competitive. Most employers recognize that benefits help attract and retain great employees. Yet for some, especially small-to=mid-size businesses, balancing the cost of benefits with what employees want and need can be a challenge.

The key, according to HR experts from around the country, is gaining a real understanding of what makes your staff unique and what’s important to them — and then finding cost-effective and creative ways to give them what they want.

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