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How to Run Open Enrollment Like a Pro

Turn one of the most daunting times of year into an HR cakewalk.

Let’s talk about benefits enrollment season—otherwise known as “go-time” for HR teams. Barring a personal event like getting married or having a child, employees are permitted to change their benefits elections only once a year. In the benefits industry, this narrow window of time lasting between 2-4 weeks is referred to as open enrollment.

From choosing the right plans to informing employees of their options, HR shoulders most of the burden of making open enrollment a success. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be hard. Download our guide to learn how you can master one of the most logistically challenging parts of your job and get employees the coverage and peace of mind that they deserve. We cover:

  • Choosing a wide range of plans.
  • Communicating options and timing with employees
  • Making it easy with technology
  • What to do once the dust settles
  • Glossary of terms related to benefits

Download the open enrollment guide by entering your information:

Andy Przystanski

Andy Przystanski is a Senior Content Specialist at Namely, the all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits platform built for today's employees. Connect with Andy and the Namely team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.