HCM Benchmarking Look Inside

2018 HCM Benchmarking Report 

Trends in headcount, turnover, and diversity.

HR benchmarks are essential for answering questions a strong executive should—and frequently does—ask about any metric you present to them. Is this number healthy? How do we know for certain? But with benchmark data often costing $1000s, it can be hard to procure that security.

Here at Namely, our vision is to empower everyone to make data-driven decisions about their people, so we're publishing our 2018 HCM Benchmarking Reports. Namely's benchmarking insights are based on anonymized analysis of hundreds of thousands of employees across over 1,200 midsize companies.

Our report covers benchmarks in the following areas: 

  • Headcount: What's your workforce composition?
  • Turnover: Who's leaving your company, and why? 
  • Diversity: Are you creating a fair and equitable workplace? Here we examine gender, ethnicity and age band diversity. 
  • Retention: Retention: Is your talent at a competitive advantage? 
Download the HCM Benchmarking Report