HCM Benchmarking Look Inside

2018 HCM Benchmarking Report 

Trends in headcount, turnover, and diversity.

HR benchmarks are essential for answering questions a strong executive should—and frequently does—ask about any metric you present to them. Is this number healthy? How do we know for certain? But with benchmark data often costing $1000s, it can be hard to procure that security.

Here at Namely, our vision is to empower everyone to make data-driven decisions about their people, so we're publishing our 2018 HCM Benchmarking Reports. Our reports compile the data of our 1,500+ clients and historical data on nearly 350,000 employees served by Namely to bring you benchmarking data you can trust.

Our report covers benchmarks in the following areas: 

  • Headcount: What's your workforce composition?
  • Turnover: Who's leaving your company, and why? 
  • Diversity: Are you creating a fair and equitable workplace? Here we examine gender, ethnicity and age band diversity. 
  • Retention: Retention: Is your talent at a competitive advantage? 
Download, HCM Benchmarking Report