How to Empower Millennials to Save for Retirement

There’s one millennial stereotype you can take to the bank: younger workers aren’t particularly good savers, especially when it comes to retirement. Over two-thirds of millennials aren’t saving enough for retirement, and some aren’t saving at all. Considering that most report wanting to retire by age 61, it looks like there’s some catching up to do.


Thankfully, it’s not too late to help millennials change course and get them on the path to financial security. With employer-sponsored retirement plans costing just one-tenth of what health insurance does, offering retirement benefits to workers has never been easier. By leveraging strategies like auto-enrollment, financial wellness training, and employer matching, employers can both spur participation and drive employer brand.

Whether you’re looking to attract job candidates or boost plan participation among existing employees, this ebook will help you put millennials back on track.

Download, How to Empower Millennials to Save for Retirement