HR careers report 2018

HR Careers Report 2018

Trends in HR Salaries, Titles, and More

Think you know HR? It’s time to forget the cliches about complaint departments and the office police. There are few professions better positioned to positively impact the future of work. Pulling from Namely’s database of over 1,000 companies and 150,000 employees, we sought to uncover new insights into the profession.

From demographics to compensation, no datapoint was off-limits. Our findings cut through the stereotypes to paint a more vivid picture of the individuals central to today’s workplace—HR professionals.

In our report, we dive into HR Trends from 2018 around the following topics:

  • The changing state of HR
  • Demographics
  • Titles
  • Leadership
  • Salary
  • Team Structure
  • Tenure
  • The Future of HR in 2018
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