HR technology buyer's playbook


HR Technology Buyer's Playbook

Here's how you can build a best-in-class HR tech stack 

Buying technology is hard. It's a complex decision with high stakes, and often, high price tags. With myriad options, complex business requirements, and an ever-changing technology market, where should you start? 

The HR Technology Buyer's Playbook includes the 6 things every HR buyer must keep in mind, based on input from hundreds of buyers and insight from one of the HR tech industry's leading analysts. 


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About the Author: George LaRocque

Principal Analyst and Founder of #HRWINS has more than 25 years in the HCM industry. A former practitioner in talent acquisition, talent management, and HR, he turned technology vendor executive for some of the market's largest brands. Now an HCM market analyst and advisor focused on users and developers of HR technology, he is the publisher of HRWins research and reports on workforce trends and related innovation in tech. He helps employers understand the trends that are impacting their workforce today and in the future. He helps HR service providers and technology vendors with a unique perspective on HR and the changing workforce.