popular time off requests

Infographic: The Most Popular Time Off Requests

Taking time off at a transparent company means letting your boss know exactly why you're heading out the door, whether its' for jetskiing or jedi training. So what would it look like if you compiled every time off request taken year round? Or what if you compiled 47,000 time off requests?

That's exactly what we did. We looked at all of the 2014 time off requests that flowed through Namely, the all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits solution. We compiled following interesting points and MUCH more in our eBook

  1. Friday is the most popular day to request off
  2. Summer is when the longest vacations occur
  3. December is when the most days are taken off
  4. Weddings are most common in the summer
  5. Autumn is when employees get sick most.

Download the infographic for more popular time off requests!