Microlearning: The Modern Strategy for the Modern Workplace


Microlearning: The Modern Strategy for the Modern Workplace

Perhaps you’re familiar with Microlearning: the idea that focused, targeted content can drive behavior change in the workplace. But have you put Microlearning into place as a strategy?

In this presentation, Summer Salomonsen, Chief Learning Officer at Grovo, shares how Microlearning can be an effective learning strategy in today’s workplace. She will share a three-step approach, from starting small, to staying focused, to making it stick. You’ll walk away understanding the need to uplevel your learning program, able to describe the components of a successful Microlearning strategy, and clear on next steps for bringing Microlearning to your unique organization.

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Summer Salomonsen
Summer is the Chief Learning Officer at Grovo. Grovo helps L&D teams engage employees and drive their business forward by delivering a constantly evolving library of customizable Microlearning® lessons through an easy-to-use platform.