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How to Close Your Company's Pay Gap


Compensating employees fairly is something that all managers and HR professionals try to do. Unfortunately, pay disparities still exist—and they often follow gender and racial lines.

The Equal Pay Act was signed back in 1963. Decades later, the gender pay gap remains one of the most pressing issues in HR. On average, U.S. women earn just 80 cents to the dollar. The disparity becomes even wider when Hispanic and African American women are singled out.

HR professionals are responsible for ensuring that employees are paid fairly and have equal opportunity in the workplace. But how can they deliver on that promise? This presentation will:

  • Check in on the status of the U.S. gender pay gap.

  • Highlight federal, state, and local legislative updates relating to pay equity.

  • Prepare your team with the resources necessary to begin the conversation.

  • Discuss how to effectively read compensation data and identify problem areas.

  • Offer advice on rectifying pay disparities at your company.