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How to Craft a Diversity Strategy

In our first Workplace Diversity Report, Namely leveraged data representing over 1,000 mid-sized companies to check in on the current state of diversity and inclusion. The report's findings suggest there is still work to be done.

As both the architects and arbiters of of company culture, HR teams are uniquely positioned to tackle the issues described in this report. But where to begin? In our upcoming webinar, we'll dive even deeper into diversity and provide you with a clear list of action items. We’ll review our report's key findings and call on D&I experts to help frame the conversation.

In our discussion, we’ll:  

  • Dig into each of the key findings of the Workplace Diversity Report

  • Provide deeper insights from industry experts on some of our most concerning discoveries

  • Offer advice on how to set up initiatives and programs to improve D&I at your company

  • And much more