Namely and Jobvite present:

Recrafting your Employment Brand for 2018


Namely + JobVite Webinar: Recrafting your Employment Brand for 2018

The workplace is so much more than the desks. It’s your company culture and a way to attract talent. In fact, 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job. But only recently have employers started to focus on developing their employer brand strategy. With the new year just beginning, now is the perfect time to make sure your employee branding strategy is up to speed.

Join Namely and Jobvite on our upcoming webinar to learn how a well-crafted employer branding strategy will impact your recruiting and retention efforts in 2018 and beyond. We cover a step-by-step strategy you can use to build, tweak, or re-craft your employer brand so you can start the year off right.

  1. What an employer brand is and why it’s critical to recruiting and retention
  2. The key components for a successful brand strategy
  3. How to build, roll out, and maintain your program over time
  4. Communicating your employer brand to employees, managers, and the C-Suite

Q&A From The Live Webinar

Who decides the company’s Employment Brand? This question is a bit tricky - C-Level Staff, Marketing, HR, and PR all have roles to play in developing and deciding what’s right for your employer brand strategy. If you aren’t sure, discuss the idea with your manager and create a plan of who is best to involve at specific stages in the process.

What can I do to improve my own company’s Employment Brand even though I’m not a decision maker? While you may not be the decision maker, it’s important to get her on board. It’s crucial to articulate the importance that employer brand can have on a business. Use stats and examples of where you think employer brand can help the business. If this hasn’t been an area of focus, chances are that the decision maker doesn’t have time to take on another project, so it may be worth adding that you plan to take on most of the responsibility in crafting the brand revamp.

What if my company doesn’t hire that often…How can I make Employment Brand a Priority? While employer branding is definitely important from a recruiting side, it’s also very important for employee engagement and retention. Focus on the good that developing an employer brand can do for your employees, rather than for new hires, in this case.

What if you don’t have a marketing team? or PR team? Then it’s time to get creative! There are tons of free tools out there that can turn anyone into a marketer. For example, a free tool called Canva allows you to create designs using your logo or uploaded images. For employee engagement surveys, Survey Monkey is a great place to start. Also, be on the lookout for an unlikely partner within your company - you never know if a sales team member used to be a marketer in an old job or if a product manager has plenty of creative ideas from a previous company.

What are some cost effective marketing/branding ideas for employee retention and engagement? If budget is tight, it’s important to make sure the programs or initiatives you are launching are helping; rather than wasting funds on programs that aren’t truly making a difference to employees happiness and engagement. Gather feedback to see what is meaningful to employees in regards to in-office perks and amenities. In regards to displaying company values, Namely has taken the approach of providing employees stickers with our value acronym, as well as posting values throughout the office on TV screens and posters.

What suggestions do you have if an employer does not yet have its core values, mission or vision? Setting up your core values, mission and vision are crucial to a strong employer brand strategy, both externally and internally, so I would focus on pushing leadership to understand the importance of these key elements. If they are really not willing to budge, focus on your employees. By gaining their feedback, you might be able to help create interim values based on employee opinion which could furthermore show the importance to senior leadership.

Any small business specific advice? Don’t let your size deter or frighten you! Prioritizing employer brand early on can help HR teams maintain a great work environment even through high growth periods.

What are some things a company can do for new hires to ensure retention and long lasting career satisfaction? I’m the new face of HR at an organization and I really want to make my mark here. Here at Namely, we’re constantly updating our recruiting practices to ensure the best candidate experience. When a candidate comes in for their interview, they are given a Namely welcome bag with a water, snack, and agenda for their interview. They are also offered plenty of bathroom or breather breaks in-between interviews. If a candidate is offered a position, all those who interviewed the candidate are encouraged to send an email congratulating them. By creating a positive candidate experience, we hope employees enter the company excited and engaged with the culture from day one.

How to persuade your leadership team to listen to the negative feedback from exit interviews, Glassdoor reviews, etc and not consistently try to make a point that it is all alright…? 

While it can be tough to articulate negative feedback to your leadership team, if a point is consistently being repeated, it should be addressed. Try giving feedback in a different way.  Present a “6-month Exit Interview Review,” in which you can share the feedback from all the reviews that occurred during that period of time. Hopefully, when that information is in front of him/her they’ll really take notice and address the problem.

Another idea is to come prepared with a solution! If everyone in the office complains about not having a certain perk, offer senior leadership a way they could go about solving it. For example, if people mention they would have appreciated a gym membership, it may be worthwhile presenting packages with gyms or fitness classes in the area. By showing you’ve done the research, and the solution isn’t too much, it may help leadership take action.