The People Risk Management Audit

Identify your compliance risks before it’s too late. 

There are countless risks related to HR, compliance, and safety that can result in expensive litigation, fines, and even criminal punishment. HR professionals already have a lot on their plates, so how do you make sure you’re avoiding these risks and the costs that come along with them? 

Designing a successful people risk management strategy is crucial to saving your HR team from compliance violations. To help you clearly identify your compliance risks, we’ve created the People Risk Management Audit alongside the compliance experts at ThinkHR. Simply fill out this questionnaire to identify key activities that have been left unchecked or require attention.  Download our tool to assess which compliance areas your strategy should hone in on, including:

  • Hiring, staffing, and onboarding
  • Employee relations and general employment practices
  • Total compensation and hour requirements
  • Recordkeeping and compliance requirements
  • Health and safety


Download The People Risk Management Audit