Risk management scorecard

The People Risk Management Scorecard

Is your organization receiving the support it needs?

From training new hires to tracking employee performance, HR professionals always have their hands full. When you are constantly multitasking, it can be difficult to focus on your company’s most expensive asset - your employees. Is your HR team on top of all things related to people risks or do you struggle to keep up with compliance changes? 

With the right resources and support, you can reduce people related risks and the significant costs that come along with them. We collaborated with compliance experts at ThinkHR to bring you our latest tool, The People Risk Management Scorecard. With our easy to use checklist, you can determine whether your HR team is receiving the support it deserves. Download our People Risk Management Scorecard to learn how you can stay compliant with:

  • A team of expert HR advisors
  • Intuitive training and development programs
  • A seamless employee performance tracking solution
  • Detailed HR audits 
  • Employee complaint investigations



Download The People Risk Management Scorecard