What's next for your hr career

What's Next For Your HR Career? 

Your guide to five possible HR career paths. 

Identifying and pursuing new opportunities in your career is always exciting. The field of HR offers a well-rounded mix of opportunities that draw on a diverse skill set—from accounting to psychology. Whether you begin your HR career in recruiting, payroll, or even outside the direct score of HR, the experience you'll gain in people management will play an important role in your long-term career journey.

Good news: the HR profession is fluid. Many practitioners find themselves falling in and out of different practice areas based on the skills they develop and the needs of their companies. HR gives you the opportunity to try new things, switch specializations, and even change the trajectory of your career.

With that in mind, in this guide we'll showcase five possible HR career paths, their job descriptions, and average salaries. We've also included expert career advice from professionals in those roles.

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