Workplace Diversity Report 2018

The world is diverse, but is the workplace? 

Though diversity and inclusion (D&I) has been a hot topic among business leaders since the nineties, today's headlines suggest there's work to be done. Allegations of ageism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination at high profile companies across all industries have only reinforced the importance of corporate diversity programs in the 21st century.

Leveraging data representing over 175,000 employees, we set out to understand the current state of D&I in the workplace. From team demographics to reporting relationships, no question was too big or small for our researchers. Does the tech industry really have an ageism problem? Are women overlooked for raises and promotions? What states have the most diverse workforces?

In this report we'll share our team's most surprising revelations. For perspective, each finding is accompanied by commentary and advice from veteran HR professionals.

Download, Workplace Diversity Report 2018