Take a look inside Namely's Workplace Diversity Report 2019

Workplace Diversity Report 2019

Are today’s companies delivering on diversity and inclusion?

Today's companies are clearly investing in diversity, but are those efforts making an impact?

While we know how effective the major players’ efforts are, few studies have focused exclusively on the more modestly-sized businesses that make up the bulk of the U.S. economy. After anonymizing Namely's database of over 1,300 midsized companies and their 250,000 employees, our team of HR data scientists sought to gain deeper insight into the state of diversity and inclusion in the midmarket.

In this year’s edition of our Workplace Diversity Report, we’ll present five of our team’s most compelling findings. From industry-wide demographics to individuals’ reporting relationships, we looked at both the “big picture” of D&I and the everyday realities on the ground. For the first time, we’ve also included pay equity and promotion data as part of the scope of our research. We found these findings particularly thought provoking, and we suspect you will, too.

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