2017 HR Mythbusters

2017 HR Mythbusters

The Reality of Work at Mid-Market Companies Nationwide

There are countless studies each year that promise to predict the future of work. Surveys say that telecommuting is on the rise and that performance reviews are a thing of the past. Thought leaders predict that organizational structures will focus on teams and that chatbots will transform HR functions.

But what’s actually happening in organizations nationwide? What if we could take a closer look at real data points—real employees, real HR departments, real companies? What if we could remove the inherent bias of surveys and dig into the proof points themselves?

In HR Mythbusters 2017, we aim to do just that. We’ve taken a deep-dive into what’s going on for the 125,000+ employees our HR platform serves. And in the process, we’ve tackled core assumptions and myths about work and HR. Some of these assumptions proved true, while others were indeed busted. We cover data points around the following HR topics:

  • Employee age and tenure: is there a correlation between the two?
  • Fastest growing job titles in the industry
  • Performance & vacation time
  • Turnover at high-growth companies
  • Unlimited vacation usage
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