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Building High Growth Talent in 2019

With the end of the year fast approaching, now's the perfect time to craft your 2019 recruiting strategy. Join Namely, Lever, and GGV Capital for our upcoming webinar as we dive into the four key recruiting strategies to help you win big in 2019.

Workplace Diversity Reporting Template

This slide deck will show you different ways to analyze your people data and share the impact of your team’s diversity-focused initiatives.

AI in HR

In its latest report, HRWins identifies the emerging technologies that are set to redefine the workplace, eliminate administrative hassle, and empower strategic decision marking.

Employee Referral Toolkit

From an employee referral policy template to incentive ideas, this eBook will give you everything you need to launch your own employee referral program.

How to Craft a PTO Policy That Works for Everyone

Join Namely and Tsheets for our upcoming webinar as we cover how to maximize your PTO policy to benefit both the employee and employer.

HR Metrics Report Template

Not sure how to present your HR metrics? This slide deck will help you format your most important metrics to share progress and areas of opportunity with your leadership team.

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