Recruit top performers and empower them to succeed

Job Description Template

Easily generate an eye-catching job description that checks all the boxes with Namely's new Job Description Template.

Employee Onboarding Toolkit

As an HR professional, there are few things more rewarding than welcoming a new class of hires. We've compiled the critical compliance and tax documents you'll need new hires to acknowledge.

Refer a Friend: Building a Great Company with Employee Referrals

In our webinar with JazzHR, you'll learn how to jumpstart your company's employee referral program.

HR's Guide to Having Difficult Conversations

In our new guide, we'll share four difficult scenarios that require HR intervention, tips for approaching them, and sample language you can use to say the things that may be hard to hear.

Performance Review Checkup

From planning to execution, this guide from Lattice and Namely will give you the essentials needed to build a culture that embraces feedback.

How to Navigate Recruiting Compliance

Watch our webinar on what questions federal, state, and local law forbids you from asking.

How to Remove Bias from Your Hiring Process

While HR knows better than anyone what topics are off-limits in interviews, how do you get everyone else on the same page? Watch Namely and Hired's webinar on training employees to interview without bias.

Microlearning: The Modern Strategy for the Modern Workplace

This presentation shares a three-step approach shares a three-step approach for an effective Mircolearning strategy.

How to Align HR and IT to Streamline Employee Onboarding

Competing priorities often create a divide between HR and IT during employee onboarding. This presentation will cover how you can bring the two functions together and create a great new hire experience.

The Elements of an Effective Reward System

This guide will expand your knowledge of reward system by exploring the best practices behind successful programs—and to help you implement one that drives every member of your organization forward.

How to Keep Employees Happy: 4 Steps for a Winning L&D Program

Namely + Litmos present this webinar to teach the four essential steps to creating a L&D program that keeps employees smiling.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Giving Promotions

Your next hire may come from within. Still, will you be promoting for the right reasons?

New Year, New HR: Top Workforce Planning Tips for 2018

To keep up with the latest trends in HR we put together the top workforce planning tips for 2018 to help you develop effective strategies for making the best hires and helping them succeed.

The Journey to Finding—and Empowering—Top Talent

It's no secret. Right now, human resources—from recruiting through talent management—is fundamentally changing. Modern HR teams now face a new normal when it comes to hiring, developing, and retaining top talent today.

How to Reduce Turnover and Retain Your Top Performers

Namely analyzed more than 13,000 employees' in high-growth industries, like technology, e-commerce, advertising, and digital media. Read our exclusive report to discover what it takes to retain the next generation of employees.

Amplify HR: How to Silence Poor Communication and Tune in to Your People

Thanks to technology, the workplace has never been noisier. And clear communication has never been more important to HR professionals.

How to Grow Your Employer Brand

Candidates are looking for mutual fit between their company's brand and their own values and interests. Here's how you can grow your employer brand at 3 critical moments: sourcing, hiring & onboarding.

Reinventing the Performance Review

Learn how technology and the millennials that use it are dramatically impacting the performance review process.

Beyond the 'Honeymoon' Period: How to Keep Employees Engaged After Their First 6 Months

The period between post-onboarding and pre-offboarding is crucial. Learn creative ways to retain talent after the "honeymoon" period using recognition, rewards, and re-engagement practices

8 Practical Tips for Performance Management

Take your performance management process to the next level

Building a Great Company with Employee Referrals

Watch Namely's webinar for tips and tricks on how you can jumpstart your company's employee referral program.

The Secret to Retaining Your High Performers

In our webinar, you'll learn common missteps companies make when trying to keep employees, as well as the secret weapons to retention that most companies don't properly utilize.

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