How to Keep Your Company Culture Connected Across State Lines

Build an employee engagement program that transcends distance and time zones.


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Modern technology has allowed remote work and offices to flourish. Companies are able to tap into job markets they previously couldn’t reach, allowing them to find and recruit top talent from all around the world. But while there are many advantages to hiring remote workers, there are many challenges as well. 

Working across different time zones and lack of face-to-face time are just a few of the challenges your team will have to overcome with the right tools and strong communication. And let’s not forget the compliance headache having employees in multiple states can cause for your HR team.

Luckily, messaging platforms like Slack, video conferencing, and HR compliance software can help you navigate these difficulties.

So how can you build an employee engagement plan that transcends distance and time zones? Download our newest eBook, How to Keep Your Company Culture Connected Across State Lines, to learn how to create a great employee experience for all your employees—regardless of their location.


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