2024 Survival Kit

More than ever, 2023 was a fast-paced year for HR and people professionals. From returning to the office to the rapid rise of AI, a lot has been thrown your way. But 2024 is here and it’s time to celebrate!

We've put together a guide to help you survive (and thrive) in 2024—no matter what this year throws at you.

Cheers to all the work you do, HR! We appreciate you.


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2024 HR & Compliance Calendar

Whether it's April Fool's Day or the W-2 deadline, never miss a key date with our HR calendar.

Why HR Tech is Critical for Success in 2024

In 2024, HR tech is no longer a nice to have—it’s a must. Find out why in our latest ebook.

The Future of HR for Tech Companies

HR in the tech industry has always been unique. What does the future hold for this unique role?

HR Checklist to Close Out the Year

From staying compliant to rethinking your benefits plans, we’ve got you covered.

5 Best HR Management Certifications

What are the top 5 HR management certifications to have in 2024? Our recommendations for this year are here.

Trend Alert: 4-Day Work Weeks

One workplace trend is becoming more and more popular by the second: the 4-day work week is here, perhaps for good.

2024 Workplace Trends

Today’s workplace looks a lot different than it did a year ago. So what will it look like in 2024? Here are some trends we expect to see.

People Management

Employee Retention Strategies for 2023

Learn how to engage, retain, and recognize your workforce in today’s competitive job market.

Employee Onboarding Toolkit for HR Professionals

We've compiled the critical compliance and tax documents you'll need new hires to acknowledge.

HR’s Guide to Supporting Employee Mental Health

Learn how to support your employees mentally and physically during 2023 and beyond.

How to Build a Women’s Leadership Development Program

Here are the steps to building a women’s leadership development program.

How DEIBA Can Improve Your Culture and Profit

Find out what DEIBA is, how can you improve it at your organization, and why you need to in 2023.

How to Promote Gender Equality in the Hybrid Workplace

Learn how organizations can promote gender equality in the hybrid workplace in 2023.

6 HR Strategies to Create Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Here are 6 ways to strengthen and develop psychological safety in the workplace this year.

HR’s Guide to Boosting Employee Morale in 2023

Learn how to keep your employees happy, healthy, and engaged in 2023.

Payroll & Benefits

2022 Federal & State Minimum Wage Guide

Since minimum wage laws continue to change and vary from state to state, we’ve compiled this guide to help you stay compliant.

Payroll for a Modern Workforce

From the WFA economy to pay equity, we'll explore what payroll looks like for the modern workforce in our eBook.

Open Enrollment 101: Terms You Need to Know for 2023

We’ve compiled a list of all the terms you need to know for a smooth OE this year.

6 Benefits Strategies to Retain Top Talent

Here are 6 employee benefits strategies HR leaders can focus on to engage and retain their top talent.

6 Steps for an Effective Post-COVID Payroll Strategy

Why does having a post-COVID payroll strategy matter, and how you can make it happen? Let’s look.

The Compliance Resources You Need for 2023

Tackle compliance head on this year by utilizing these top resources.