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Find in-depth content, guides, tools, and reports on multistate HR compliance and regulatory challenges.

Labor Law Posters 2021

In Namely's toolkit, we put together the most essential federal workplace posters for 2021, all in one place—totally free of charge.

The Compliance Resources You Need for 2021

Tackle compliance head on in the new year by utilizing these top resources.

The People Risk Management Audit

There are countless risks related to HR, compliance, and safety that can result in expensive litigation and fines, and even criminal punishment. Here's a tool to help you identify your compliance risks before it’s too late.

Stay in the Know: Sexual Harassment Training Guide

Find out which states are taking a stance on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

ACA Employer Compliance in 6 Easy Steps

The Affordable Care Act's employer mandate kicked in on January 1st, 2015. learn what forms to file and how to avoid new penalties.

Marijuana Laws Affecting Employers Guide

Medical and recreational marijuana laws are evolving, so how can you make sure your company remains compliant? Stay up to date with this resource that breaks Marijuana Laws down by state.

The People Related Risk Calculator

Calculate the real cost of your company’s most expensive asset - your employees.

The 2021 Layoffs, Furlows, and Rehires Compliance Masterclass

Join us on Feb. 17th at 1:00 PM EST to learn about the compliance aspects of layoffs, furloughs, and recalls to help employers navigate these difficult decisions.

How to Build a Comprehensive Employee Training Plan

Learn how to provide your employees with a top-notch training plan.

The People Risk Management Scorecard

From training new hires to tracking employee performance, HR professionals always have their hands full. Is your organization receiving the support it needs?

The Ultimate Guide to Multi-State Employment

Navigate HR's legal and practical challenges

California Labor Laws 2019

From hiring rules to payroll processing, we've broken down the nuances of California HR, all in one place.

New York Labor Laws 2019

Whether you're an HR professional in Brooklyn or in Buffalo, we've put together the latest HR, payroll, and benefits challenges you'll face this year.

The Compliance Resources You Need for 2020

Tackle compliance head on in the new year by utilizing these top resources.

Your Guide to 2020 State Withholding Forms

Stay compliant by knowing which states have state income tax.

COVID-19 Crisis Resource Center

We’ve collected numerous resources to help your company remain connected, productive, compliant, and successful during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus Workplace Templates You Need

From furloughs to WFH agreements, we’ve pulled together a group of templates for every employee communication you might need during this difficult time.

COVID-19 Workplace Posters Toolkit

Keep your employees informed about COVID-19 and their rights under the FFCRA with these DOL and CDC workplace posters.

4 Critical HR Policies and How to Make Them Work

Watch our recorded webinar to learn what 4 core handbook policies employers must have for 2020, 2021, and beyond.

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