Labor Law Posters 2022

All of the most essential federal workplace posters for 2022, in one place.


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Call it one of HR’s most important (and seemingly old fashioned) compliance obligations: hanging up workplace posters. Employers are federally required to display notices or "postings" covering a broad range of issues, including the minimum wage, workplace safety, and family leave.

We all want to go paperless, but workplace posters are here to stay for the foreseeable future. We've put together the most essential federal workplace posters for 2022, all in one place—totally free of charge.

In our toolkit, you'll find:

  1. Printable versions of eight federally-required office posters

  2. Overviews of the information covered by each posting

  3. Print sizes and language requirements

  4. Recommendations on where to hang each poster

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