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Employee Benefits Guide for Mid-Sized Companies

Learn more about company health coverage, deductions + contributions, benefits administration technology, and open enrollment.

How to Run Open Enrollment

Turning one of the most logistically challenging times of year into an HR breeze.

How to Empower Millennials to Save for Retirement

Whether you're looking to attract job candidates or boost retirement plan participation among existing employees, this eBook will help you put millennials back on track.

Building Employee Loyalty with PTO

How do you take your PTO policy to the next level? Follow this comprehensive guide to see how you can freshen up your company's PTO offering.

How to Craft a PTO Policy That Works For Everyone

Between time-off accruals, limited-time policies, and unused vacation days, crafting a PTO policy that benefits both employer and employee can be complicated.

Top 10 Tips to Make 'Working From Home' Actually Work

Watch Namely, Zoom, and Owl Labs as we dive into how to set up a remote work plan that really works.

The Most Popular Time Off Requests Are...

Why do employees take time off—aside from vacations and sick days? Namely compiled 47,000 time off requests made through our HR, payroll, and benefits platform to find out!

The Benefits Paradox: Building a Robust Benefits Package Without Breaking the Bank

For mid-sized businesses, robust benefits are crucial for attracting the best talent and keeping their workforce happy.

Beyond Healthcare: How to Craft a Benefits Package that Resonates with Today's Workforce

Your benefits offering can make or break an employee's decision to join and stay with your company. Learn top tips for crafting and promoting a robust benefits package.

New Employee Benefits Models to Save Money

Companies are exploring new benefits models—including self-funding, level-funding, and private exchanges—to offer great plans despite rising healthcare costs. In our report, we'll go through the pros and cons of these models.

What Benefits Make for a Complete Compensation Package?

Employees have spoken, and a paycheck alone just won't cut it anymore. Today's top talent demands total when it comes to total compensation, and that includes salary, a rewarding culture that celebrates success, and—you guessed it—top-of-the-line benefits.

Open Enrollment Survey: What Employees Really Want

31% of employees give their employer a “C” or lower when it comes to open enrollment. Download our report now for action items to improve your process.

Ask Me Anything: Employee Benefits

Offering your employees the best benefits can make your workforce stronger and happier. That means getting on top of benefits administration, strategy, and the Affordable Care Act.

A Complete Guide to Employee Benefits: What Growing Companies Need to Know

Solid employee benefits are crucial when it comes to HR boosting recruitment, retaining top talent, and staying on top of the fiercest competitors in the industry.

2020 Outlook: Paid Family and Medical Leave

Watch this webinar to learn how current and upcoming leave of absence policies impact your organization.

How to Build a Benefits Package That Attracts Next-Gen Talent

Learn how to attract and retain the next generation of employees by offering the right benefits.

Employee Benefits Guide for Mid-Sized Companies

Learn how to craft a top-notch benefits package that your employees deserve.

What Are Your Benefits Actually Costing You?

Offer the benefits your employees deserve while staying within your budget.

Doing More With Less

Due to COVID-19, HR teams have had to reduce their sizes and budgets. Watch our recorded webinar to find out how to approach benefits without eliminating current offerings or the introduction of new ones.

HR’s Guide to Virtual Open Enrollment & Benefits

From choosing which benefits to offer all the way through whether to use active or passive enrollment, we’ve got you covered.

Create a Comprehensive Benefits Solution

Check out our recorded webinar to find out how modern HR tech can help you build a robust benefits package and run remote open enrollment.

Open Enrollment Feedback Template

Take your employees’ pulse on everything from communications to benefits offerings and enrollment technology.

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