Employee Onboarding Toolkit

Critical compliance and tax documents you'll need new hires to sign. 

As an HR professional, there are few things more rewarding than welcoming a new class of hires. Unfortunately, that first day can also be one of the most challenging if you’re responsible for managing compliance.

“Signing on the dotted line” isn’t as simple as it sounds. From confirming work authorization to setting up payroll deductions, what forms will you need to get new employees up to speed? To help you cross all your T’s and dot your I’s, we’ve compiled the critical compliance and tax documents you’ll need new hires to acknowledge.

By using our toolkit, you'll discover:

  1. What documents are needed to confirm eligibility to work
  2. Under what circumstances new (and even current) employees have to fill out a Form W-4
  3. Why the Form W-2 should be part of your new hire process
  4. What employee “ITINs” are and if they can be used on IRS compliance forms
Download, Employee Onboarding Tookit