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The Future of the HR Function 2021 Report

How has the HR function evolved and what can we expect it to look like in the future?

Since early 2020, Human Resources has faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Seldom in history has the HR function needed to pivot so quickly and dramatically to meet such urgent workforce and business needs.

These trends are requiring HR to rethink its roles and priorities while the world of work is transforming.

In this study, we look at the attitudes, concerns, priorities and skills of today’s HR professionals, as well as their views on what will be most important in the near future.

HR professionals reviewing this report should consider:

  • How does your HR effectiveness and proficiency compare to that of other organizations?
  • How closely do your concerns match those of other organizations? Are you overlooking anything?
  • What should you focus on to prepare for the next two years?
Download the Future of the HR Function 2021 Report