How To Drive Employee Engagement During (and After) COVID-19

Find out how to keep your employees engaged throughout this difficult time. 

Remote work has increased significantly as a result of COVID-19. According to ThinkHR surveys of mostly small-to-medium businesses and organizations (SMBs) conducted in early January 2020 and late March 2020, the number of employers with some number of remote employees increased from 58% to 84%. The number of employers with at least half of a remote workforce jumped dramatically from 8% to 41%.

While many employers are understandably under siege from the effects of COVID-19, a good number of employers are focused on employee engagement as a top priority. And it is expected to grow. The uptick in remote work creates an opportunity for better employee engagement in a variety of ways: between employees, between employees and their employers, and the holy grail of both enabled through education and training.

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(and After) COVID-19