Just how much time and money can the right HR solution save you and your team?

This HR Software ROI calculator is designed to help you learn the benefits of adopting an HR solution like Namely. Simply input the amount of time and resources your team dedicates to HR, payroll, benefits, time management, and related tasks to see how implementing software could change the way you and your team manage HR at your company.

See how much Namely can save you.

1. Tell us about you and your company

2. Tell us about you and your company


Don't know the average for your company? According to 2019 Glassdoor data, the average HR Generalist salary is $56,000.

3. Designate how much time you and your team spend on HR tasks throughout the week.


Entering and updating employee information


Handling employee name, address, banking acount, etc. changes

Tracking employee PTO and leave of absences


Tracking employee time off, absences, accrued vacation days, etc.

Answering employee inquiries


Handling ad hoc employee requests and questions

Communicating company updates and policy changes


Emailing announcements, creating office posters, etc.

Misc. administrative tasks


Ad hoc administrative tasks