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How to Align HR and IT to Streamline Employee Onboarding 

You know the saying: first impressions count. Is your onboarding process putting the company's best foot forward? 

Growing companies onboard an average of 30 new employees each month. That's no small feat for HR and IT, the two departments most responsible for getting new hires up to speed. When the two are in sync, employee onboarding becomes automatic, secure, and even enjoyable. 

Unfortunately, competing priorities often create a divide between HR and IT. While the former strives to get employees up-to-speed as quickly as possible, the latter needs adequate time to configure access controls, create logins, and more. And new employees? They just want to jump in and demonstrate value as soon as possible.

In this webinar, we'll cover how you can bring the two functions together and create a great new hire experience.

Topics discussed will include: 

  • Common day-one challenges and solutions
  • How to streamline onboarding without sacrificing security
  • Information security best practices 
  • Maximizing communication between your HR and IT teams
  • How to securely offboard employees