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How to Craft a PTO Policy That Works for Everyone

Paid time off (PTO) has quickly become one of the most popular employee benefits. Astudy conducted by TSheets found that 87% of US employees believe employers should provide PTO. Having the ability to offer flexibility in the workplace can be a great way to attract and retain top talent. However, the most common pitfalls occur when there’s an imbalance. Depending on how a PTO policy is put in place, these policies run the risk of benefiting employers more than the employees.

The pressure to be the first one in and last to leave, combined with the complexities of time-off accruals, limited-time policies, and unused vacation days have created a gray area for this crucial benefit. But with thoughtful paid time off initiatives, all parties are able to reap the rewards.

With the appropriate structure in place, PTO policies increase trust and engagement throughout an organization. The challenge: how do you maximize your PTO policy to benefit both the employee and employer? This presentation will:

  • Highlight best practices to ensure a successful PTO policy that sets your company apart.

  • Discuss ways your organization can revamp an existing policy.

  • Share how to measure the success of your PTO policy.