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Doing More With Less: 

Weathering Economic Uncertainty While Maintaining a Robust Health & Wealth Offering 



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It’s no secret that HR departments are being asked to do more with less. In many cases, smaller teams, and in even more cases, smaller budgets. That said, they still have employees to support, with hopes that recruiting will pick up again in the not-so-distant future. So how should HR leads be approaching health and wealth benefits without untethering established offerings or eliminating the introduction of new ones?

Hear how industry experts across benefits, retirement, and tax are advising clients through short term cost-cutting while setting them up for longer-term positioning. Join Namely, Vestwell, and Lutz for our live webinar on Tuesday, June 23rd to hear more on: 

RetirementEmployee’s financial security has become even more prominent over these past few months. Fortunately, between CARES, SECURE, and a number of statewide initiatives, there are many options for companies to amend or build a cost-conscious retirement plan. 

Benefits: Even at times of high unemployment, health benefits remain a critical, albeit expensive, component of any employee’s compensation package. With many jobs in flux, people may be scrutinizing their open enrollment options even more than in years past. How do we anticipate benefits being used differently during times of uncertainty and how, if at all, should HR leads be thinking about them in a new light? 

Tax: Thanks to a number of tax provisions and incentives, there are so many things companies and their employees can be doing to address contracting budgets. Especially in times like these, how can companies do a better job of balancing spend and support? 

This webinar was live on June 23rd at 2 PM ET / 11 AM PT.