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Simpson's Diversity Index

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Based on Namely’s 2019 Benchmarking Data, your workforce is more ethnically diverse than of midsize companies.

Crunching numbers...


Can you quantify diversity? Simpson's Diversity Index is the generally accepted way to do just that. This single metric measures two critical elements of diversity, richness and evenness. The former takes into account how many ethnicities you have present at your company, and the latter how evenly spread they are across the business.

In this approach to measuring diversity, the higher the score, the more diverse your business is. After running your calculation, you'll see how your rating compares with other mid-sized companies. To read more about Simpson's Diversity Index, click here.


The ethnicities we've listed are based on what employers are already required to report to the federal government. If you don't have easy access to demographic data in your HR platform, you should be able to reference the data from your most recent EEO-1 report. 


The Simpson Diversity Index Calculator compares your score to the mid-market benchmark, which is derived from Namely's database of 1,300-plus companies. Namely clients receive in-depth, quarterly benchmarking reports on diversity, pay equity, and more.