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HR insights and best practices for building an incredible employee experience.

The Benefits Paradox: Building a Robust Benefits Package Without Breaking the Bank

For mid-sized businesses, robust benefits are crucial for attracting the best talent and keeping their workforce happy. In this report, created in partnership with MetLife, we explore options for how businesses can strategically create affordable and attractive benefits plans.

Beyond the “Honeymoon” Period: How to Keep Employees Engaged After Their First 6 Months

The period between post-onboarding and pre-offboarding is crucial. Learn creative ways to retain talent after the "honeymoon" period—using recognition, rewards and re-engagement practices. 

HR's Guide to the Next Four Years

Donald Trump’s election win means big changes for HR. See what the next president has in store for the Affordable Care Act, paid family leave, and more.  


Small and Medium Sized Employers Are Writing the Future of HR Technology

We surveyed 900 HR technology buyers who share their biggest pain points, where they plan to invest, and why. See where APIs fit in—and many more surprising insights.

New Employee Benefits Models to Save Money in 2017

Companies are exploring new benefits models—including self-funding, level-funding, and private exchanges—to offer great plans despite rising healthcare costs. In our report, we'll go through the pros and cons of these models.

The Pro-Employee Tide: Trends in HR Compliance

A look inside the four most important trends in workplace legislation this year—featuring original reporting and research.


Demystifying Compensation, from Offer to Promotion

Conversations around money can be some of the most awkward and sticky in the real world, and employee compensation questions in the workplace are no different – especially if you’re not prepared to navigate them. 

Where Purpose Meets Performance, Can HR Tech Solve Culture? 

The new #HRWins report from industry analyst George LaRocque features research on how technology is helping mid-market companies rise to deliver strategic HR.

A Complete Guide to Employee Benefits: What Growing Companies Need to Know

Solid employee benefits are crucial when it comes to HR boosting recruitment, retaining top talent, and staying on top of the fiercest competitors in the industry. But how can you get quality care without breaking the bank?


Your Guide to the DOL’s New Overtime Rules

Companies only have until December to comply with the Department of Labor's new overtime rules. Will you be ready?

14 Proven Employee Engagement Hacks to Try Now

You already know employee engagement is the bedrock of any innovative company. It’s the not-so-secret sauce that makes everyone happy, excited, and productive. The question is: how exactly can you make it happen?

The 7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Giving Promotions

Your next hire may come from within. Still, will you be promoting for the right reasons? 


Reinventing the Performance Review

Learn how technology and the millennials that use it are dramatically impacting the performance review process.

8 Practical Tips For Performance Management

Take your performance management process to the next level.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying HR Software for Your Growing Business

Business is booming, new employees are in the door, and your company is officially in growth mode. But will it outgrow your HR?


HR in the New Speed of Business

Thanks to process automation and ever-advancing technology, business has never moved faster than it does today. But what does that mean for human resources?

5 Ways to Simplify Your HR

As your workforce grows, simplifying your HCM system to better serve your needs is a must. 

How to Reduce Turnover and Retain Your Top Performers

Namely analyzed more than 13,000 employees’ in high-growth industries, like technology, ecommerce, advertising, and digital media. Read our exclusive report to discover what it takes to retain the next generation of employees.


The Journey to Finding—and Empowering—Top Talent

It's no secret. Right now, human resources—from recruiting through talent management—is fundamentally changing... for the better. Modern HR teams now face a new normal when it comes to hiring, developing, and retaining top talent today.

Ask Me Anything: Benefits

Offering your employees the best benefits can make your workforce stronger and happier. That means getting on top of benefits administration, strategy, and the Affordable Care Act. 

Amplify HR: How to Silence Poor Communication and Tune in to Your People

Thanks to technology, the workplace has never been noisier. And clear communication has never been more important to HR professionals.


ACA Employer Compliance in 6 Easy Steps

The Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate kicked in on January 1st, 2015. Learn what forms to file and how to avoid new penalties.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Most Popular Time Off Requests Are...

Why do employees take time off—aside from vacations and sick days? Namely compiled 47,000 time off requests made through our all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits platform to find out!

INFOGRAPHIC: What Benefits Make for a Complete Compensation Package?

Employees have spoken, and a paycheck alone just won't cut it anymore. Today's top talent demands total when it comes to total compensation, and that includes salary, a rewarding culture that celebrates success, and—you guessed it—top-of-the-line benefits.